Why women’s clothing sizes don’t make sense!

It’s not you.  It’s the clothing industry.

Hallelujah for truth!  Women have beat themselves up a long time now for not being a particular size our society pressures them to be.  As if our “number” puts each of us neatly in a box and from there we are valued or devalued, as a human being, based upon this number.  Is this the kind of world we want to live in?  No.  Why is a certain number “better” than others?  They’re not.  Rather than continue to accept this way of thinking we need to rewire our minds to no longer accept this.  Change starts with the individual.  This took me a while to change, myself, due to the many things telling me otherwise.  Once I refused to accept the idea that size makes me worthy or not, I’ve been happier and more peaceful.

Clothing designers make sizes at their own discretion which means there’s no true reliability or consistency when it comes to clothing numbers.  The fashion industry has no set standards so it’s easy for sizing to be all over the map.  What’s most important is how a garment looks on you regardless of the size.  I’ve had moments where I felt self conscious because a certain brand ran small and I had to get a bigger size.  Since then, I’ve learned to tell myself there isn’t some magical number that suddenly proves my worth as a human being to society (or even myself).  I am so much more than my body size and am beautiful for many reasons other than my looks.  The same goes for YOU.

True beauty comes from within

I’m grateful for the times my mom would tell me, “Looks fade. But your brain will always be there”.  How right she is.  Invest in your mind.  Read, travel, learn, grow.  Expanding your soul, constantly bettering yourself, and being genuinely happy will create this undeniable light.  You will attract people to you like a magnet.

The videos below sum up the whole sizing issue: It’s not you! It’s the clothing industry.