Time is Finite

“That here in an infinite universe, time is finite for us, that even if we cannot discern the order and reason for it all, the outcome is predictable – life will randomly, and too soon, be taken away, perhaps brutishly or easily, but likely with little fanfare or crescendo other than, hopefully, the love that has gathered around us.” – Brendon Burchard

Life is short. Yeah yeah, we hear this a lot. But today this hit me hard. Each moment of breath is a moment we have NOW. No guarantee beyond that.

Yet we behave as if this isn’t the case.

Our mind and souls aren’t meant to be frenetic or rushed. For some reason, our society runs on worry and hurry. And for what? Perhaps we behave this way in order to forget the very fact that time is finite.

We demand things to appear at the snap of a finger. We try to maximize time by multitasking. Work becomes an obsession. We want to be and have more.

These distractions cause us to avoid the elephant in the room of our life’s existence: Time is finite.

The sooner we accept this fact hopefully the faster we can start living more intentionally.

Better is Now

There won’t be a moment in time where you’ll feel “ready” to be your best self.
Too many people lose a relationship, a job, or their own life then feigns a sense of disbelief. As if these moments were in the future never meant to arrive. That they had all the time in the world to be a better spouse, worker, or human being.
Guess what?

Change won’t knock on your door, as if you made some prior appointment, telling you it’s your time.  Time to be a better husband/wife or human being.

If you’re not being present on purpose and making the most of each second you never will and will regret it someday.

“Life is meant to be a vibrant, deeply felt, growing mosaic of meaningful moments.  It is to be a grand, fully engaged, and unconditionally committed love affair with our daily experience.  We are supposed to feel this and sense this, to engage with whatever appears in front of us with awareness and enthusiasm, joyfully unwrapping the gifts fate has chosen to bring.” – The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard

How you felt yesterday or this morning doesn’t matter.  The moment NOW is new and waiting.  Waiting for you to notice and live.

“Better” isn’t a destination to arrive at.

Better is now.  In each second you’re alive.

“Fully living” isn’t something which will ask you if you’re ready.

You decide and commit to fully live.  Breathing in the air of the present and using your senses to take in what’s around you.

All that matters is what is here now before us, to be lived and defined and experienced as we choose.” – The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard

Ways We Can Enjoy Each Moment

“We can breathe deeply today and notice that there is no scent of yesterday. In this moment, there is nothing but newness, a white space, nothing but an open field of possibility ready to be felt and explored. Let us meet it with an intention and skill in exploring it lovingly, slowly.” – The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard

Fret not if you find yourself struggling to achieve this.  There are some immediately effective ways you can start making a change.  How?

1. Heighten your senses

Can you recall moments where time slowed down? It usually happens in a crisis or beautiful experience. Whether it’s a car accident or act of kindness between two strangers.

In these experiences, our sense of awareness becomes extremely heightened causing time to stop. It’s in our nature to sense our environment.

We can heighten our senses by starting with the breath.  “The deeper and longer we draw air in, the more oxygenated our bodies become, and the more heightened our energy and presence (Brendon Burchard).”

Other things we can do is absorb the details in our surroundings: take in the color, texture, and shapes.  The sway of trees or flow of water in a river.  Listening to the sounds of birds or even traffic.  Allowing yourself to be present in your environment.

2. Taking extra pauses

As suggested by Brendon Burchard, “Life is lived in the extra beats we hold as time unfolds.”

For example, take two long breaths and allow yourself to be present before rushing out the door.

As you eat take two pauses to look at your food before taking another bite.  Then taste, savor and interact with what you’re eating.

Pausing help you stay present.  The goal is to eventually increase the pauses to where all you’re doing is living in the present.

Living fully doesn’t mean you have to be unproductive or slow.  It means you don’t do things in haste or frenzied distraction.

You live with intention, awareness, and purpose.

3. Gratitude

Each morning write 3 things you’re thankful for. This helps you acknowledge you’re living a life with blessings and meaning. A great way to inspire contentment and create a sense of stillness.

Take time to notice and savor the good in your life.  This will help you feel more present.



Everything you need or want for your future is accessible right now. We often think success or a better life is out of reach. Something not graspable or possible. But you have the tools you need NOW. There’s no excuse for not being able to live fully.

If you knew the next 4 months were all you had left what would you regret not doing?
Write on paper what you’d be devastated to miss out on.  Take some time to hear what your heart is saying.
I’d love to hear what you come up with in the comments below.

Take Action

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